Baby Bath Thermometers 

A baby bath thermometer is a vital accessory to ensure your baby’s bath water is at the correct temperature.

Bath water which is too hot poses an obvious danger to a baby boy or girl - accidents have happened many times where babies have suffered significant discomfort or even scalding and burns, from being placed in a bath containing water which is far too hot. 

We feature an impressive range of reliable floating bath tub thermometers, temperature gauges and monitors to make your little one's bath time safe and enjoyable. 

These brightly-coloured thermometers are designed in many child-friendly shapes, including a duck, frog, whale or turtle. Read more below about buying a bath thermometer.

The correct temperature also ensures a baby will be content during bath time. Babies generally love bath time when the water is just right - but it's a different story if the water is too hot or even too cold.

Ensuring the bath water is the correct temperature is essential for your child to be safe and also have a comfortable and pleasant experience during bath time. A temperature of 37 degrees Celsius to 38 degrees Celsius is generally accepted as the correct range for a child's bath water, in line with normal body temperature.

The right temperature is also important for your baby to stay healthy during and after a bath, without the risk of catching a cold. Therefore a thermometer is an essential accessory for maintaining your child’s bath water at just the ideal temperature.

An age-old method for testing the temperature of bath water for a baby was for mum or dad to place their elbow in the water to ensure it was warm and not too hot. But a much more accurate and reliable way to ensure the temperature is right is to use a bath thermometer.

There are many types of bath thermometers and temperature gauges available to buy, in a range of colours and styles. The most basic type features a simple colour strip which is attached to the side of the bath and indicates whether the water is too hot, too cold or just right for your child.

Some plastic thermometers display a digital temperature reading and are shaped like animals and sea creatures to captivate your little one - turtles, whales, teddy bears, crocodiles, frogs, penguins, starfish, giraffes and ducks are among the most popular choices. Most of these float in the bath water and provide an extra attraction to keep baby boys and girls entertained.

A cheap thermometer will only cost around £2 to £5, but you can expect to pay up to £20 for a deluxe temperature-monitoring device. Most of these safety devices are powered by small CR2 batteries.

Some bath thermometers are multi-functional and have other features including a bath time clock, stopwatch and timer. Another feature built into some digital bath thermometers is a warning alarm system which beeps and flashes red when the water is either too hot or too cold.

Most LCD display thermometers, when not being used in the bath, can also be used to monitor the temperature in other settings, such as your child's bedroom or nursery.