Bath Time Accessories 

There are several accessories and extras available to buy which can make your bath time sessions with your little one even more smooth-running and enjoyable.

A bath seat is the key requirement at bathing time for a baby boy or girl who is able to sit upright - but there are a few handy additional items which you may wish to consider purchasing. Let's take a look at the few of those available.

Bath Towel
You're going to need a good quality baby bath towel to ensure you child is dried thoroughly all over when removed from a bath seat. A baby's body temperature can drop quite quickly when it leaves the warm water, so getting wrapped up in a soft and absorbent towel in essential.

These towels are available in many sizes and colours, the most popular being white, blue, pink, beige and yellow. Many come with little animals, birds, sea creatures and other child-friendly themes on them. You'll also find little fasteners on some towels which let mum or dad become temporarily hands-free while sorting out their baby's clothing. 

Hooded baby bath towels are a great idea because they help to get a child dry and warm rapidly. The hood also make hair-drying very easy - assuming your baby has some hair to dry! Some have animal faces, including elephants, pandas, ducks, frogs and rabbits, on the top of the hood.

Micro-cotton bath towels are a very popular choice with parents because they can help to regulate temperature and absorb over 200 times more water than standard cotton. This means the towel will not feel damp when it touches your little one's skin.

A personalised bath towel featuring your baby's name is a lovely idea - it's certainly nice to receive one as a gift from a friend or relative! Baby bath towels range in price from around £10 to £20. A hooded baby bath robe is also a great idea - these are made from soft absorbent material so they can also get your little one dried quickly after bath time. 

Bath Toys
You can't go wrong with a few bath toys to keep your little one happy and content, while you get on with the washing duties. And when you get the serious stuff out of the way, you can get down to some bath toy fun with your little one. 

There are hundreds of wonderful non-toxic bath time toys available to buy, so it's not hard to find something that will have your baby boy or girl smiling and giggling in no time.

Communicating with your baby is known to be one of the most important things to promote happiness, security and brain development. Don’t worry too much about what to say - just tell your baby what you’re doing, or talk about all the baby bath toys you can see. The thing that matters most is that your baby hears the sound of your voice.

Then, why not get in on the act enjoy a bit of splashing yourself? Just a gentle splash to start with, until your baby gets used to the idea, then a little bit more until he or she feels brave enough to splash you back. You’re sure to have your baby giggling with delight before long, safely enjoying bath time in a baby bath seat.

There's so much more to baby bath toys these days than the traditional floating rubber tuck of yesteryear - wind-up ferry boats and fish, pirate ships, squirting sea creatures, waterfalls and watermills that attach to your bath, waterpedes, stacking water cups, undersea explorers, rubber Munchkins, water drums, bubble whales, squeezy animals, foam letters and numbers ... to name just a few.

Bath toys are a bundle of fun - but you still need to ensure they are completely safe for your child. Always check the packaging to ensure your little one is old enough for any toy you are thinking of buying and there are no small pieces that a baby or infant could choke on. Some bath toys are dishwasher safe which mean they can be cleaned at a high temperature with your dishes to kill off any bacteria and mould.

Check out our range of bath toys.

Shampoo, Liquid Soap etc
There are various lotions, creams, soaps, moisturisers and other products that can be applied to a baby's body before, during and after a bath time session.

However, it is essential for parents to be very careful about that they use when caring for their baby or infant.

It's worth checking out a few baby care websites for advice on what creams, soaps and other products are acceptable to use - and at what age. You should not use scented baby products, for example, in the early months of life as they can cause skin irritation.

Newborns and babies have very sensitive skin and they don't actually need to be bathed more than two or three times a week. Too much bathing can actually prove detrimental as it may remove the natural oils that protect a baby's skin.

Some parents opt to use some dry skin emollient additive at bath time, especially if their little one is susceptible to dry skin or other conditions, such as eczema. 

There are some wonderful baby bathing toiletries available, including cradle cap shampoo and conditioner, baby bubble bath, plus many natural and organic baby bath products.

When you establish which products will be beneficial for your baby boy or girl at bath time, there's no doubt they will play a key role in keeping your little one healthy and happy.

Bath Thermometer
If you want peace of mind that your baby's bath water is the right temperature, you need to invest in a bath thermometer. These are great for getting the water to the ideal temperature of 37 degrees Celsius to 38 degrees Celsius. This is generally accepted as the correct level for a baby's bath. 

Of course, you can still use the tried and tested method of placing your elbow in the bath water, but a dedicated bath thermometer is much more accurate. These colourful thermometers and temperature gauges are often in the shape of little animals, birds and sea fish, including ducks, whales, turtles, frogs and crocodiles. 

Some bath thermometers float on the bath water, while other cheaper models featuring a temperature strip which attaches to the side of your bath tub. A beeping and flashing alert system, which lets you know if the water is too hot or too cold, is a useful feature found on some bath thermometers.  

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Bath Box
If you want to keep all your bath time cloths, shampoos, soaps and other products in one place, it's worth treating yourself to a baby bath box or case.

This is a great way to keep your baby's bath toiletries organised and close to hand, in one useful container. These boxes feature several roomy compartments and trays for smaller items. They are available in various colours and cost around £20.

Popular bath time organiser boxes include the Johnson's Baby Skin Care Essentials Box, the Mothercare Bath Box, the Disney Winnie the Pooh Nursery Baby Changing and Bath Time Box and the Karibu Baby Storage Bath Box.

Another clever storage product is the mDesign Baby and Toddler Bath Tub Elbow Rest with Bottle Holder. This slick organiser is attached over the edge of your bath with little suction cups. It is made of neoprene and features several mesh pockets for storing soaps, shampoos and other bath time items.

Top & Tail Bowl
These compact little washing units are great for giving your little one a quick wash, rather than a full bath. 

A top and tail wash is basically just cleaning your baby's head and bottom with a sponge, cotton wool or cloth. There are two sections to hold warm water - one to use on the upper body area and the other on the lower area.

The plastic bowls also have other built-in sections for holding washing accessories, such as cloths and liquid soaps. 

They are very compact, lightweight and cost around £5 to £10. Various colours are available including white, blue, cream pink and yellow. They are usual round or oval in shape.

Changing Mat
It's good to have a soft and comfortable surface to lay you baby or infant on when bath time over and you've dried your little one with a towel. A changing mat can be placed on your bathroom floor and you can then get on with the tasks of applying creams, lotions or talcum powder to your baby boy or girl. A soft foam or sponge mat is also provides a suitable surface for dressing your child. 

These wipe-clean mats are available in a range of colours including blue, pink, white, yellow, peach, green, beige and purple. Many of them are adorned with lovely patterns or little motifs of popular children's characters and animals. A cheap baby changing mat will cost under £10 but you can pay quite a bit more for a plush mat, made of top quality material. Changing mats are made from various materials including foam, Phthalate free PVC, cotton and polyester.

Kneeling Cushion
A kneeling cushion or mat is a great idea to ease the pressure on a parent's weary knees when leaning over a bath to tend their baby or infant.

Looking after a baby can be truly exhausting and carrying out parental duties can really take its toll mentally and physically. 

So anything that provides a bit of physical relief is to be welcomed - and a kneeling cushion or kneeler mat certainly makes bathing a baby easier. Their anti-slip surface and soft padding is extremely kind to your knees. These useful little accessories are mildew resistant and often feature a hanging hook for storing and drying them. They are a very wise investment, costing around £10 to buy.

Anti-Slip Bath Mat
When you little one gets too old for a bath seat, it's time to start using a 'big' bath. Obviously a young baby or infant should be supervised at all times by a parent or adult family member. A non-slip mat is an essential accessory which should be placed on the bath surface, to ensure there is no risk of your little boy or girl sliding under water while sitting, or slipping when standing to get out of the bath tub.

Most of these mats feature strong suction pads on the base and the are usually made of a mold and mildew resistant PVC material.

Some baby bath mats even include a handy hot spot feature which can alert parents when the bath water is too hot for a young child. They cost around £10 and often feature colourful images of sea creatures or cartoon characters. 

As you can see there are plenty of practical accessories for getting the best out of your baby-bathing sessions at home. Some of these little extras are not essential, but they are all capable of helping make to bath time with a baby bath seat a pleasant and rewarding experience.