Bath Toys for Babies & Infants 

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to toys for your baby or infant to play with at bath time - we have plenty to choose from leading UK stores.

Bath tub toys are great for keeping your little one entertained while you get on with the bathing and cleaning routine - but they can also be very educational by helping babies and infants develop their communication and learning skills.

These little bath play things are traditionally bright and colourful and must meet certain standards to ensure they are safe for your child.

We also feature various bath nets and bags which are great for storing all your bath toys in.   

Bath toys provide babies and infants with plenty of bath-time fun - they can have a splashing time while mum or dad get on with the job of bathing their child.

Whether your baby is being bathed in a baby bath, bath support or baby bath seat, you can ensure you have a really splashing time by introducing a few bath toys to the session.

Infants and toddlers just love having bath toys to keep them occupied when mum and dad get on with the job of getting them clean and fresh.

These toys are ideal for keeping little boys and girls occupied if they are sitting in a baby bath or they are using a baby seat in a proper bath.

They will happily splash about in the bath and their colourful toys will keep them active and entertained during the bathing procedure. Infants, toddlers and babies in a baby bath seat will play away contentedly throughout bath time.

A bath toy means plenty of fun and we have have some delightful novelty products for you to take a look at including plastic animal bath toys such as ducks, cows, dinosaurs, dolphins, birds, turtles, fish and crocodiles. A wind-up bath toy is always a winner with babies, toddlers and infants and we have plenty of those too.

Another popular choice of bath toy is the ship or boat and little boys and girls really enjoy watching them float around their bath, providing plenty of laughs and chuckles. Squeaky toys also prove a real winner at bath time. Bath toys are great to get a child familiar with being washed in an proper full-size bath, even if they are placed in a baby bath chair or bath support.