Baby Bath Seats under £20 

You need a baby bath seat if you want to take the stress and strain out of trying to wash you little one in your main bath at home.

Bath Seats provide a safe way to wash your baby and also provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy some quality time playing with bath toys.

These seats or chairs are only intended for use with babies who are able to sit up themselves - so they will normally be at least four or five months old. For younger babies and newborns you will be best buying a baby bath support.

We feature some excellent cheap bath seats in this budget range. Among the brand names you'll find here are Safety 1st, Tippitoes, Mothercare, Disney, Safetots and Tigex.

When your baby reaches the age when he or she can sit up, bath-time is so much more fun -  a bath seat is a wonderful way to prepare a baby boy or girl for using an proper 'big' bath when they get a little bit older.

There’s plenty of choice available when it comes to finding a cheap baby bath chair to use in your family bath tub. 

A very popular choice in this budget range of bath seats is the Safety 1st Swivel Seat - this is able to rotate 360 degrees, offering yet more ease of use when cleaning your baby. 

The swivel seat, which allows your baby to twist around in the bath to reach out to bath toys, costs around £12 and is available in pink or blue. It also features a slip-resistant seat which will keep your baby from slipping and sliding about.

These seats are the perfect way to interact with your little one at bath time, in complete safety - they can provide plenty of fun, while getting your little one clean at the same time. 

Bath time is a real pleasure - rather than a chore - for mum or dad when your baby or infant is sitting safely in their bath seat.

The most important thing to remember about using a bath seat, support or other bathing aid is child safety. Babies and newborns need to be positioned securely in your bath and your child should be carefully lowered in. At no time should your baby be left unattended.