Baby Bath Supports under £15 

A baby bath support is what you need if you want to bathe a very young or newborn baby in your main bath at home.

They are very comfortable for babies and allow them to lie back in the bath support, but remain high enough out of the water to be washed easily.  

We have some excellent cheap baby bath supports and cradles here, all priced under £15, including products made from plastic fabric, foam and sponge. 

They are available in various colours, including blue, pink, yellow and white, from leading UK baby stores. We feature top bath support brand names including First Steps, Summer Infant, Safety 1st, Tippitoes, Mothercare and Tigex.

Everyone knows that newborn babies need support – particularly for their heads and necks. But some people forget that new mums often need support also - not for their heads and necks but for their arms and backs!

Having carried a baby around for nine months, mothers deserve a bit of a rest. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to happen as everyone knows the toughest time is generally the first few months of a baby’s life and, no matter how overjoyed you may feel at the new addition to the family, lack of sleep and the stress of dealing with a crying baby or infant can leave new parents feeling totally exhausted – both physically and emotionally.

Luckily, modern inventions have helped to lessen the load for mothers. The baby bath support is one initiative which makes bath-time less of an ordeal. Previously mothers would hold their baby with one arm in the sink, supporting the head and neck, while trying to wash them with the other - now there’s a much easier option. With a baby bath support placed in your own bath tub, your hands are free and your arms will receive a well-earned rest!

The baby bath support is rather like a reclining seat or chair and your baby will not be fully immersed in water – this will encourage your baby to get used to the idea of bath-time gradually, rather than being thrown in at the deep end! Another advantage of the baby bath support is that it is easy to store.

These bath support are made from a range of materials including foam, sponge, plastic or fabric stretched across a frame. They are very comfortable for your baby, but remember to dry them thoroughly after each use.

We feature some excellent foam and fabric bath supports from UK shopping giant Amazon. Bath supports are available at many leading UK baby care stores these days including  Boots, Baby & Co, Bambino Direct, Kiddicare, Mamas & Papas, Argos, Asda, Smyths Toys, JoJo Maman Bébé and John Lewis..

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