Baby Bath Supports over £15

The bath supports in this deluxe price range are very stylish and ergonomically designed your little one is safe and comfortable during bath time 

A baby bath support is the best choice for newborns and young babies who are unable to sit up - a baby bath seat is not an option for a child this young.

A bath support is great for allowing you to bathe your baby safety, while enjoying some quality bonding time and interaction too. 

Leading brand names features in this price range include Babymoov, Mamas & Papas, Angelcare, Minene and Luma baby.

A baby bath support is a stylish and practical device which allows your little one to lean back safely in a bath while mum or dad get on with the washing duties. 

There are some lovely bathing aids for your little son or daughter in this deluxe range of top quality bath supports.

A baby bath support or cradle is for baby boys and girls who are still too young to sit upright, therefore ruling out the option at this stage of life to use a child bath seat.

These invaluable bath time accessories are similar in concept to reclining chairs, and your child will not be completely immersed in water, enabling a gradual familiarisation with the idea of being bathed.

Without doubt a baby bath support or chair is ideal helping your little one make the transition from the baby bath to a standard bath.

Some babies can become anxious in a bathroom setting so it's worth investing in a few bath toys to keep them occupied while you get on with the job of getting them clean.

A very popular choice in this luxury price range is the Angelcare Soft Touch Bath Support. This solid-frame ergonomically designed support, which costs around £20, provides excellent comfort and safety for your little one.

It is made of durable TPE plastic and features a water level indicator and anti-slip base. It is available in blue, pink and grey.

Another top quality product featured in this price range is the innovative BabyDam Bathwater Barrier - although not an actual bath support, it is a clever concept which transforms a standard bath into a baby bath for your child.