Tummy Tubs, Washpods & Bath Buckets 

Tummy Tubs, Washpods and Baby bath buckets are the bathing aids of choice for many parents of babies in the UK when it comes to bath time.

These practical devices, sometimes referred to as a barrel or bucket baths, enable very young babies and newborns to be bathed in a sitting or foetal position inside the tub - immersed up to shoulder height. 

They hold a baby steady so mum or dad can get on the washing and cleaning process. They are available in various colours including pink, blue and yellow and transparent options are available too.

We also bring you a range of Shnuggle Tubs  and Barrel Baths, which are similar in design to the popular Tummy Tub.   

The innovative design of Tummy Tubs, Washpods and Barrel Baths makes babies feel safe and secure - just the way they did in their mother's womb.

Some midwives claim babies are more content in a Tummy Tub than a traditional baby bath. There is a great choice if your baby is too young to sit up on its own - which, of course, is why a baby bath seat is not suitable for very young babies. 

Baby boys and girls feel completely comfortable in these bath time accessories as while mum or dad get on with the job of getting their little one clean. 

They are available in various colours including pink for baby girls and blue for baby boys. White, green and lemon are popular choices of colour too.

A variation of the Tummy Tub is the Prince Lionheart WashPOD bath support which also allows a baby to sit comfortably in the foetal position - this makes bath time a pleasurable and relaxing experience for your baby. The pod also includes a soft pillow for extra comfort.

A Tummy Tub or Washpod will enable a baby boy or girl to get used to the idea of being bathed safely before making the transition to a baby bath when they are a little bit older, and then to a baby bath support when they are able to lean back in a proper adult bath. Finally, when baby can sit upright unaided, it is time to buy a baby bath seat.

Tummy Tubs are very light in weight and can be easily moved to any location in a room at your home. They have rubber bases to preventing slipping and use much less water than a standard baby bath, meaning it remains warmer for a longer period of time. When baby gets a bit older you can considering introducing a bath support or bath seat to your bath time environment.

The Shnuggle Cosy Bath Tub is another variation on the Tummy Tub which is proving a very popular choice with parents in the UK. They are suitable from birth up to a year and feature a foam back rest and integrated bum bump for extra support.